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(a far more sonorous howl) [userpic]
by (a far more sonorous howl) (lonely_sour)
at December 13th, 2006 (08:14 pm)

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Hey, just introducing myself. Seems like a quiet community, but that's cool. I don't know any other half Thais, so I thought I'd say hi.

I'm Jasmine, 20, from Buffalo, New York, quarter Irish and an eighth each of German and French. Currently studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. No one has ever been able to guess "what I am." Most people think I'm South Asian (including South Asians themselves)or Latina. Could be because my features look a hell of a lot like my white father's and all I really got from my mother was melanin. Even my hair is just like his: lighter, thinner and wavier than my mother's or my (full Thai) brother's.

I went through a lot of identity/race angst when I was younger, but I got over it. Being mixed, being Thai and Western European, being what and who I am is nothing to apologize for, which is something a lot of mixed race kids have to realize. I'm in a mixed group at my home campus of Binghamton University, and when I joined up I felt like I'd finally found my people, even though we were all different. Sort of the point, right?

Anyway, some pics to make this less boring.Collapse )

Anyway, that's me, hope to hear more from you guys!

I'm V. [userpic]
by I'm V. (bluevelv)
at August 12th, 2006 (09:23 pm)

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any of you could help me with...directions..=)
I'm going for holiday to Bangkok in December by myself, for around 4 days.
I've only been there once when I was 5 years old so I completely lost about it.

Is there anyone in here could give me some suggestions what's the best to do or see or go in 4 days??
I'm really interested in good bargain shopping places, yummy food (love lovee thai food), well I'm open to any good places actually, something different, that probably has been missed by the lonely planet guide's book..

Thanks heaps, really apppreciate it.

-x posted-

by hotandthaite (hotandthaite)
at April 13th, 2006 (09:01 am)


:: throws water balloons ::


honeybear [userpic]
by honeybear (inmymovie)
at November 27th, 2005 (06:29 pm)

anyone grew up with thai remedies that stuck with them to this day?

for me its:

-tiger balm!! every bump bruise and bugbite i put tiger balm on it. my friends think i'm crazy to believe this one ointment works on everything. haha
-chrysanthemum - i drink this when i have a sore throat

skylermarie [userpic]
by skylermarie (skylermarie)
at November 12th, 2005 (07:55 pm)

Does anybody have any Thai superstitions to share?

I know some (I wonder if it was just in my family, or something most Thais believe):

Don't whistle at night.

Don't sing in the shower.

Don't step on pillows.

Don't eat lying down.

Don't play hide and seek because a ghost will hide you somewhere where no one will find you.

Do any of you have stories about Thais believing in ghosts? I think that is such a unique part of Thai culture. Everyone knows the names of the ghosts: phii kasue, phii am, nang nak (esp. since movies have been made about them)

Linda [userpic]
Hey Lukrungs!
by Linda (thaigrrrrl)
at November 11th, 2005 (03:56 pm)

Sawadee Kha lukrungs!!!!!

I just wanted to say sawadee to everybodee...

check out my pic after the jumpCollapse )

I'm Linda .. 28 from Philly. I'm half thai half Pennsylvania Dutch. I got my dad's big ass nose, and my mom's dark features, but when asked who I look more like - its typically my dad.

I am a computer programmer and I'm old. I know everyone here is typically much younger... but I was once young too :D so please don't hate!

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<3, Linda

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